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About Us

uni.verse is a community of communities. We are a unified and decentralized platform for all people that seek harmony between mind, body, and source, through Yoga, oneness, and elevated consciousness. 

Why You Should Join Us

Connection and meaning are two of our deepest human needs. In the COVID-19 world of alone-together,  they are also the very two areas that we are collectively struggling with more than ever. Where do we go from here? 

Yoga, and the many synergistic practices that support union, are powerful tools that can help liberate us from our confusions, addictions, and limitations, and offer clues to the deep mysteries of the universe. 

Join uni.verse, to participate, share, and experience more unity, live more in the now, and plant the seeds for the future together with a global tribe of believers, seekers, and practitioners. 

By extending our compassion for others, we can accelerate the end of suffering for ourselves. This is more important, and more possible, than ever before. Welcome!

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